How many shark species are there?

There are dozens of shark species out there, too many to describe in one short article, starting with Bahamas Sawshark and ending with Zebra Shark. These magnificent creatures come in different colors, shapes, and with various habits that makes them so popular of a sea animal to observe. The number of sharks globally has been dwindling due to the lucrative trade of shark flesh, fat, bones and fins, making them a much rarer sight than they used to be just a few short decades ago. However, they still capture hearts of humans who love seeing them in their natural habitats. Let’s check out some of the most popular shark species, as well as what makes them so interesting.

The Great White Shark – If sharks were dogs, Great White Shark would be a Pit Bull bred for fighting. Often called White Pointer Shark, it’s latin name is Carcharodon Carcharias and has many nicknames around the world – maneater, white death and white shark are some of the most commonly heard, but everybody can recognize the name Great White Shark. It is one of the deadliest shark species in the ocean, and is firmly entrenched as a King of scary sharks but he cult movie series Jaws. Great White is a hunter, with muscular body, largest of the shark species, with some 3.6 feet in length from the moment of birth. They normally grow up to 13-17 feet in length, but there have been sightings of larger ones. Nightmarish triangle shaped pointy teeth make it such a scary monster to contend with, and it’s powerful jaw which can cut through flesh and bone alike. White belly gives Great White it’s name, but the top of it’s body is closer to blue or gray, depending on the area, making it that much more difficult to be spotted in the water. It’s diet consists of sea lions, seals, smaller whales and other sharks – anything large enough to sate it’s hunger, essentially, which includes humans.

The Tiger Shark – The second largest shark and one of the three great predators of the sea, Tiger Shark has characteristic stripes on it’s back. It’s latin name is Galeocerdo Cuvier. Great White relies on it’s strength, size and stamina to take down prey, but Tiger Shark uses it’s speed and jaw strength to quickly finish it’s hunting sessions. Size of an adult Tiger Shark is usually around 10ft, but they can reach up to 20ft in size (very rarely). Saw edged and extremely short teeth, several rows of them – that’s what this predator uses to dismantle it’s prey and it is considered one of the most vicious predators of the sea, eating any live pray it can catch up to.

The Great Hammerhead – Third most popular shark species out there, Sphyrna Mokarran is famous for it’s odd shape of the head. It lives up to it’s name, looking like a hammer when seen from above. It’s got rectangular head with eyes set extremely wide apart and with huge dorsal fin, which give her unparalleled maneuvering abilities. The average hammerhead size is around 10ft, but they can be larger. It’s feeding habits are a bit different than other great sharks, as it’s diet contains smaller fishes such as sardines, squids and crustaceans and all sorts of rays. Of the three most popular species of sharks, Hammerheads are the ones that do not actively hunt humans, even if they’re in the area where humans swim, unless there is absolutely no other prey to hunt.

These three types of sharks, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Hammerhead sharks, are the most popular kinds of sharks, but there are many more if you’re interested in the subject, and all of them are interesting. Look up Blind Shark, Blue Shark, Coral Catshark, Frilled Shark and Swell Shark to see some really interesting specimens, and there are a few new shark species added to the rooster every decade, usually around Indonesian islands, where scientist conduct research about the lives of sharks.

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